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diane balit designer

Diane Balit watches are unique and valuable works of art which testify to both the creativity and attention to detail of this Canadian artist with a world wide reputation Diane Balit excels in the art of creating art with a contemporary look using age old techniques. She paints miniatures on enamelled copper using delicate feathers and very ne brushes which are then red in high temperature ovens.

Diane Balit amazes and surprises both her regular customers and collectors looking for authentic creations. She has made a name herself during several international expositions in several cities including Paris, London, Florence, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Diane Balit – for the pleasure of wearing a unique jewel which is a marriage of utilitarian and the intemporal beauty of art.


« I have been carrying out my profession of enameller (copper enamel) for over thirty years. I’m still passionate about my work, as there are always changing trends in my creations. I started out with jewellery and now watches fascinate me. The face of the watch,which is enamel, can be incorporated to a miniature frame,rendering the watch very precious and unique. My enamel is applied with a pen and requires no less than three firings per piece, each being inspired by my numerous trips as well as day-to-day experiences. I hope that my artistic approach will never wear out, and that there will always be something new »